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Personal Acknowledgement

I begin my statement of intent by acknowledging the traditional custodians and First Peoples of the Republic of China. I pay my respects to elders past and present and to all descendants of this land who have cared for this place since creation.

I also acknowledge the innovators from the Four Great Inventions of Ancient China, especially to Cai Lun and Bi Sheng, I respectfully appreciate their hardworking spirit and wisdom, their contributions to the nation are invaluable, their inventions brought great values to the human civilization and the design field.

Papermaking (105 A.C) : Known that China was the first nation to invent paper, this innovation was no doubt one of the best achievements in the world. It was created and widespread by a man called Cai Lun (AD c.57-121), by using mulberry and other bast fibers along with fishnets, old rags, and hemp waste. It led to changes in the materials for producing books and documents, which is regarded as an integral part of the design industry.

Printing Techniques (960-1279 AD) : Bi Sheng (990–1051) of the Northern Song Dynasty invented the world’s first movable type printing press out of porcelain in the 1040s, which was accomplished by applying ink to carved squares. This process made all printables more efficient and economical, and was rapidly spread across the western countries. Johannes Gutenberg, known as the western inventor who introduced this method to Europe in the 1440s. after he invented the Gutenberg press, the era of graphic design began.

I feel prideful and again acknowledged about my nation, my race, and my culture. It is incredible when I found out that our past had so many relations to my chosen career, and made me realize that designers are also inheritors of this culture.

by Tina Hui


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