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A review of Chinese Legend: The Butterfly Lovers

The legend of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai is set in the Eastern Jin dynasty (317– 420 AD) with the feudal society of China, they were recognized as the butterfly lovers and their story was described as a narrative that offers unique literary and cultural tropes about gender and emotion (Sookja Cho, 2018), by portraying the theme of young love in the face of adversity and reveals the traditional idea of female virtue culture.

According to a new report by the Chinese government, women in China are still at a great disadvantage in many areas, from birth ratio to politics and unpaid care work. (Zuo, 2020). Gender has been a sensitive issue for decades, people came up terms like “feminism”, “matriarchy”, “female-dominated” and so on, but somehow, those concepts have become increasingly biased and aggressive in modern society, which causes a huge amount of confusion today.

This journal is not going to be a critical judgement of history, but an exploration through gender stereotypes and social inequality in terms of historical development. Meanwhile, to point out that any movement for woman’s right are for equality not hate and female superiority.

by Tina Hui


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