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Designing with Care

To me, caring is based on empathy, designing with care means to respect humanity rationally, it is to show concern and kindness to the community or a specific group with sufficient evidence and researches.

As designers, it is important to apply the "rational" caring in design thinking, it potentially leads us to a positive mindset and improves wellbeing. But since caring is such a subjective term, it contains personal values and emotions, so it is hard to balance and judge both objective and subjective indicators, so how are we going to design objectively from a subjective perspective?

Since objectivity is mainly based on factual knowledge, while subjectivity is dominated by personal emotions. When it comes to design, we should avoid putting too many personal feelings into it, at this point, research prevents us from designing for ourselves and influencing the design with our subjective opinions (Rees, n.d.).

On the other hand, since creative works are often subjective and opinion-based, this requires creators to discourse by visuals, so it is normal to put personal insights through it. The point here is to rationalize and synthesize all opinions to a well-presented outcome.

by Tina Hui


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